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Sleeves For Tarot Cards | 80pcs 73x123mm Clear Matte Sleeve Holders | Plastic Protector Cover For Decks Of Cards

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Tarot Card Sleeves For A Brighter Shine.

Let me guess. You have many tarot decks, but one is your favorite. You use it repeatedly, and your tarot cards get yellow and sticky.

Don't you want to prolong the life of your favorite tarot deck as much as possible? Your beloved tarot deck deserves proper protection!

Protect your beloved tarot deck with our plastic sleeves made just for them!

Our Tarot Card Sleeves features:

  • 73 x 123mm (fit for tarot cards 70x120mm);
  • Extra high clearance;
  • Acid-free (no PVC);
  • For professional tarot reading;
  • Ideal fitting and size;
  • Longer durability and lifetime.

Tarot Card Plastic Sleeve For Protection | Measures | Apollo Tarot

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