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Welcome to Apollo Tarot!

At Apollo Tarot, we understand that all Creation consists of energy, and the relationship to everything you own influences your vibration. That's why we aim to offer you only products to make you happy and sparkling. We offer all of this while providing caring customer service and friendly support.

We always keep an eye on the hottest metaphysical products to support you on your spiritual path. That is why we have delighted fellow customers all over the world. We hope you will enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Namaste 🙏🏻.

About the Founder of Apollo Tarot

Traveller in front of Forbidden City in Beijing.

My name is Léo (but I'm Capricorn), and I like to think of myself as an intuitive entrepreneur. Ten years ago, I had a promising job on an investment bank but felt something was missing. There was more to life than analyzing balance sheets until late on a suit in front of a computer.

So I quit my job, and I embarked alone on an adventure around the world that took me to more than 60 countries in all 5 continents. I came in contact with many cultures, and I was fascinated by eastern philosophies like Yoga and Buddhism.

At a certain point, I discovered the incredible power of the Tarot Cards. And it intrigued me how both Yoga and Tarot have much in common. For instance, both systems understand how the Spirit, soul, mind, and the physical world intertwine to form our perception of reality. In the Tarot, these four elements comprise the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles suits, respectively.

I could be babbling about all this forever (I'm a total metaphysical geek), but my point was to show my passion for Apollo Tarot. And state it's mission: support fellow truth-seekers on our spiritual path by being a source of products to connect us with our true selves.

About the Brand Apollo Tarot

I'm fired by Greek mythology. So I decided to run on the name of Apollo for my tarot practice. As a deity, Apollo personifies the sun, the light, truth, and healing.

Apollo is also the patron of Delphi, where the high priestess Pythia served the Greeks as an oracle, in the Apollo Temple. In Tarot, Apollo is related to the Sun card and Pythia to the High Priestess card.

The links between Tarot and Yoga are the reason I chose a purple lotus flower to be the logo of Apollo Tarot. This flower represents the 7th chakra, which, in the Yoga tradition, is the gateway to enlightenment.

The vast universe created by the ceaseless human quest for union with the Divine is what inspires me every day to source the best products to attend you on this beautiful journey.

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