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Gold Tarot Ring | Suit Of Swords Rider-Waite-Smith Cards

Gold Tarot Ring | Suit Of Swords Rider-Waite-Smith Cards

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Tarot Card

Do you have a Tarot Card with a special place in your heart?

Perhaps it is your birth card or that stalking card that always pops out of the deck when you're shuffling.

Now you can keep them in your fingers! Our Tarot Rings are beautiful, and their designs contain all the meaningful imagery from the Suit of Swords.

The meaning of the Suit of Swords:

Swords are related to the mind, intellect, and qualities present in thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Associated with the element of air, the suit of Swords addresses action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage, and conflict. Swords are related to communication between mind and body.

Suit of swords tarot cards meanings | Apollo Tarot

The Tarot Ring | Suit Of Swords Pendant Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Color: Gold (Also available in Silver 👉 here);
  • Gender: Unisex;
  • Pendant Size: 0.78" x 0.49" (20 x 12.6mm);
  • Sizes (US): 6 (16mm), 7 (17mm), 8 (18mm), 9 (19mm), 10 (20mm), 11 (21mm).
Gold Tarot Ring of The Suit of Swords Rider-Waite-Smith Cards | Apollo Tarot

Your Tarot Card Ring ships for FREE and will arrive in your place in 14 to 21 days.

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