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Pink & Green Gold Foil Tarot Cards Deck In Premium Gift Boxes + English Guidebook For Beginner Readers

Pink & Green Gold Foil Tarot Cards Deck In Premium Gift Boxes + English Guidebook For Beginner Readers

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Embark on a Journey of Discovery: Illuminate your path with our captivating Green & Pink Gold Foil Tarot Deck, meticulously crafted to inspire intuition and unlock the secrets of the cosmos.

🔮 Key Features:

  • Complete Deck: Delve into the mysteries of the universe with 78 premium cards meticulously designed to captivate and enlighten.
  • Rider-Waite-Smith-inspired (RWS) Images: Perfect for both novice and seasoned tarot enthusiasts, each card features iconic imagery inspired by the revered Rider-Waite-Smith tradition.
  • Vibrant Colors: Choose between enchanting shades of Green or Pink, each adorned with shimmering gold foil accents that evoke a sense of wonder and magic.
  • Card Size: Immerse yourself in the divine details with dimensions of 2.4" x 4.3" (7cm x 12cm), allowing for an immersive and insightful reading experience.
  • Durable & Waterproof: Crafted from high-quality materials, these cards are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring enduring beauty and resilience.
  • Comprehensive Guidebook: Elevate your tarot practice with a comprehensive guidebook offering in-depth interpretations and valuable insights for every card.
  • Luxurious Gift Box: Experience the thrill of anticipation as you unveil your deck from its exquisite high-end gift box, featuring a magnet closure for added sophistication.

🌸 About Our Green & Pink Gold Foil Tarot Deck: Crafted by the visionary Chinese artist and deck author Vivian Wang, our Green & Pink Gold Foil Tarot Deck is a testament to the timeless allure of the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Tarot De Marseille, these metallic masterpieces invite you to explore the depths of your soul and unlock the wisdom that lies within.

⚡️ Ignite Your Imagination: Whether you're embarking on your tarot journey or seeking deeper insights, our Green & Pink Gold Foil Tarot Deck is your trusted companion, guiding you on a transformative quest of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

📦 Experience the Magic: Enjoy the enchantment of FREE worldwide shipping, and receive your Green & Pink Gold Foil Tarot Card Deck in approximately 15 days. Embrace the magic that awaits and awaken the divinity within.

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Customer Reviews

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Man Nhi Huynh

Pink Foil Tarot Deck 😊😇 awesome 🤩. 5 stars ⭐️ for the deck


Der Hammer! Wunderschön! Ich liebe sie! Vielen Dank!


Excellent product... Took awhile to get here but well worth it