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Pentagrammaton Sigil Necklace | Tetragrammaton Magick Seal Pendant | Pentagram Kabbalah 72 Names Of God Amulet Jewelry

Pentagrammaton Sigil Necklace | Tetragrammaton Magick Seal Pendant | Pentagram Kabbalah 72 Names Of God Amulet Jewelry

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🌟 Unveil Sacred Secrets 🌟

Step into a world of ancient mysticism with our Pentagrammaton Sigil Necklace—a captivating fusion of spiritual energy and artisan craftsmanship. This double-sided pendant holds the key to profound transformation, featuring the revered Sigil of the Tetragrammaton on one side and the mesmerizing spiral arrangement of the 72 Names of God on the other.

🔮✨ Crafted Connection: Meticulously designed with double-sided carving, this pendant embodies the power of sacred geometry. Choose your path with the silver steel or gold-plated variant, each with unique allure. The pendant's round shape, measuring 30 x 33.4mm, captures the essence of timeless symbolism.

⚛️ Embrace the Essence: Let the Pentagrammaton Sigil Necklace become your daily talisman—embodying divine energies and protection. Crafted from stainless steel, it's not just jewelry; it's a spiritual connection that resonates with your journey.

🌌🔐 Wear the Wisdom: Whether you seek inner transformation, divine guidance, or a tangible link to ancient practices, this necklace is your conduit. Infuse your life with the energy of these profound symbols and make them an integral part of your unique story.

Pentagrammaton Sigil Necklace | Tetragrammaton Magick Seal Pendant | Pentagram Kabbalah 72 Names Of God Amulet Jewelry | Apollo Tarot Shop


  • Weight: about 18g
  •  Pendant Size + Hanger: 3cm x 3cm + 1cm;
  • Material: Rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel;
  • Gender: Unisex;
  • Colors: Gold or silver;
  • Link Chain 60cm (23.62");

🔥 Elevate Your Spirituality: Discover the power of sacred symbols and elevate your spiritual journey. Choose the variant that resonates with your path, and let the Pentagrammaton Sigil Necklace be your guide.

🔮 Unveiling the Tetragrammaton Sigil (Pentagrammaton) 🔮

The Tetragrammaton Sigil, also known as the Pentagrammaton, is a profound symbol that weaves ancient mysticism and spiritual significance together. Rooted in esoteric practices, this symbol encapsulates the sacred four-letter name of God, an essence transcending time and space.

This emblem is a fusion of the Hebrew letters Yod (י), He (ה), Vav (ו), and He (ה), collectively forming the Tetragrammaton—the unutterable name of the divine in Judaism. Each letter represents a facet of existence: creation, preservation, destruction, and restoration. The Tetragrammaton Sigil holds the potency of these attributes, symbolizing the cosmic interplay of energies that shape the universe.

🌟 Eliphas Levi's Evocation:

"The Spirit of God moved upon the waters and breathed into the face of man the breath of life. Let Michael be my leader, and Sabtabiel my servant, in and by light.

Let the Verb be my breath, and I will command the spirits of air thereby, and I will bridle the horses of the Sun with the will of my heart, the thoughts of my mind, and the commandment of my right eye.

I, therefore, exorcise thee, a creature of air by Pentagrammaton and in the name of Tetragrammaton, in which is firm will and true faith. Amen, Selah, Fiat, so mote it be."

These words, penned by Eliphas Levi, echo the intricate relationship between the divine and humanity. The evocation embraces the forces of light, leadership, and empowerment, inviting us to harness the spiritual energies that reside within and around us.

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