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Key of Solomon's Pentacles Necklace | Custom Magick Pentacle | Talisman Amulet Pendant

Key of Solomon's Pentacles Necklace | Custom Magick Pentacle | Talisman Amulet Pendant

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Instructions to customize your Key Of Solomon's Pentacle Necklace:

  • 1 - Choose your necklace color (gold or silver);
  • 2 - Choose if you'd like us to etch the Pentacle on one or both sides of the round pendant:
    • 2a - You can choose two different Pentacles; or
    • 2b - use the same one on both sides; or
    • 2c - leave the other side blank.
  • 3 - Leave us a message with your Pentacle(s) of choice using the code you see in the images. The message box will open once you add the product to the cart under "Special instructions for seller."

If you have any doubts, please contact us through the chat button on the lower right side of your screen.

Our Key Of Solomon's Pentacles Necklace presents the following features:

  • Material: Rust and corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel;
  • Plating colors: Silver or gold;
  • Gender: Unisex;
  • Pendant Size: 1.4 x 1.5in (35 x 38mm);
  • Chain Size: 23.62in (60cm).

Customizable Key Of Solomon's Pentacles Necklace | Apollo Tarot Shop

The Key of Solomon is a collection of manuscripts with ancient Hebrew spells inspired by Kabbalistic and Talmudic teachings.

This grimoire contains a collection of 44 sigils, enabling a link between the physical and subtle planes. 

Magick practitioners can print magical seals on various materials, such as animal skins, fabrics, stones, and stainless steel necklaces (wink-wink 😉). These sigils are related to certain invisible realities whose powers they allow to share.

Here's an explanation of the uses of each Pentacle according to the Key Of Solomon's grimoire:

  • ✡︎ Pentacle A - The Mystical Figure of Solomon: Words in the body of the symbol are the Ten Sephiroth as in the Tree of Life. The name Solomon is to the right and the left. In contrast, the surrounding characters are the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.
  • Pentacle B1 - The First Pentacle of Saturn: This Pentacle is of great value and utility for striking terror into the Spirits. Wherefore, "upon its being shown to them they submit, and kneeling upon the earth before it, they obey."
  • Pentacle B2 - The Second Pentacle of Saturn: This Pentacle is of great value against adversaries and of particular use in repressing the pride of the Spirits.
  • Pentacle B3 - The Third Pentacle of Saturn: You should make this Pentacle within a Magical Circle, and "it is suitable for use at night when you invoke the Spirits of the nature of Saturn."
  • Pentacle B4 - The Fourth Pentacle of Saturn: This Pentacle serves primarily for executing all the experiments and operations of ruin, destruction, and death. And when you make it in complete perfection, it also benefits those Spirits which bring news. You invoke them from "the side of the South."
  • Pentacle B5 - The Fifth Pentacle of Saturn: This Pentacle "defendeth those who invoke the Spirits of Saturn during the night; and chaseth away the Spirits which guard treasures."
  • Pentacle B6 - The Sixth Pentacle of Saturn: "Around this Pentacle is each name symbolized as it should be. The person against whom thou shalt pronounce it shall be obsessed by Demons."
  • Pentacle B7 - The Seventh and Last Pentacle of Saturn: "This Pentacle is fit for exciting earthquakes." The power of each order of Angels herein invoked is "sufficient to make the whole Universe tremble."
  • Pentacle C1 - The First Pentacle of Jupiter: "This serves to invoke the Spirits of Jupiter, especially those whose names you write around the Pentacle, among whom "Parasiel is the Lord and Master of Treasures, and teacheth how to become the possessor of places wherein they are."
  • Pentacle C2 - The Second Pentacle of Jupiter: This is proper for acquiring glory, honors, dignities, riches, and all kinds of good, together with great tranquillity of mind; also to discover Treasures and chase away the Spirits who preside over them.
  • Pentacle C3 - The Third Pentacle of Jupiter: "This defendeth and protecteth those who invoke and cause the Spirits to come." When they appear, show them this Pentacle, and they will immediately obey.
  • Pentacle C4 - The Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter: "It serveth to acquire riches and honor, and to possess much wealth." Its Angel is Bariel.
  • Pentacle C5 - The Fifth Pentacle of Jupiter: "This hath great power. It serveth for assured visions." Being armed with this Pentacle, Jacob beheld the ladder reaching heaven.
  • Pentacle C6 - The Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter: "It serveth for protection against all earthly dangers, by regarding it each day devotedly and repeating the versicle which surroundeth it. "Thus shalt thou never perish."
  • Pentacle C7 - The Seventh and last Pentacle of Jupiter: "It hath great power against poverty, if thou considerest it with devotion, repeating the versicle. It serveth furthermore to drive away those Spirits who guard treasures and to discover the same."
  • ♂︎ Pentacle D1 - The First Pentacle of Mars: It is proper to invoke Spirits of the Nature of Mars, especially those written in the Pentacle.
  • ♂︎ Pentacle D2 - The Second Pentacle of Mars: This Pentacle "serveth with great success against all kinds of diseases" if you apply it unto the afflicted part.
  • ♂︎ Pentacle D3 - The Third Pentacle of Mars: "It is of great value for exciting war, wrath, discord, and hostility; resisting enemies and striking terror into rebellious Spirits; the Names of God the All-Powerful are therein expressly marked."
  • ♂︎ Pentacle D4 - The Fourth Pentacle of Mars: "It is of great virtue and power in war, wherefore, without a doubt, it will give thee victory."
  • ♂︎ Pentacle D5 - The Fifth Pentacle of Mars: Write this Pentacle upon virgin parchment. Because "it is terrible unto the Demons, and at its sight and aspect they will obey thee, for they cannot resist its presence."
  • ♂︎ Pentacle D6 - The Sixth Pentacle of Mars: "It hath such great virtue that being armed in addition to that, if thou art attacked by anyone, thou shalt neither be injured nor wounded when thou fightest with him, and his weapons shall turn against him." =
  • ♂︎ Pentacle D7 - The Seventh and Last Pentacle of Mars: "Write thou this upon virgin parchment paper with the blood of a bat, in the day and hour of Mars; and uncover it within the circle, invoking the Demons Spirits of the Nature of Mars; and thou shalt immediately see hail and storm."
  • Pentacle E1 - The First Pentacle of the Sun: "The Countenance of Shaddai the Almighty, at whose aspect all creatures obey, and the Angelic Spirits do reverence on bended knees."
  • Pentacle E2 - The Second Pentacle of the Sun: This Pentacle, the preceding and following, belongs to the Sun's nature. They serve to repress the pride and arrogance of the Solar Spirits, which are altogether proud and arrogant by their nature.
  • Pentacle E3 - The Third Pentacle of the Sun: "This serveth in addition (to the effects of the two preceding) to acquire Kingdom and Empire, to inflict loss, and to acquire renown and glory, primarily through the Name of God, Tetragrammaton, which therein is twelve times contained."
  • Pentacle E4 - The Fourth Pentacle of the Sun: This enables you to see the Spirits when they appear invisible while invoking them. "When thou hast uncovered it, they will immediately appear visible."
  • Pentacle E5 - The Fifth Pentacle of the Sun: "It serveth to invoke those Spirits who can transport thee from one place unto another, over a long distance and in a short time."
  • Pentacle E6 - The Sixth Pentacle of the Sun: "It serveth ably for the operation of invisibility when correctly made."
  • Pentacle E7 - The Seventh and Last Pentacle of the Sun: If any be by chance imprisoned or detained in fetters of iron, at the presence of this Pentacle, which he should engrave in gold on the day and hour of the Sun, he will be immediately delivered and set at liberty.
  • ♀︎ Pentacle F1 - The first Pentacle of Venus Promotes and consolidates new friendships. It also helps to strengthen existing fellowships.
  • ♀︎ Pentacle F2 - The Second Pentacle of Venus: These Pentacles are also proper for obtaining grace and honor, all things belonging to Venus, and accomplishing all the desires herein.
  • ♀︎ Pentacle F3 - The Third Pentacle of Venus: This, if one only shows unto any person, it serves to attract love. One should invoke its angel, Monachiel, in the day and hour of Venus, at one o'clock or eight.
  • ♀︎ Pentacle F4 - The Fourth Pentacle of Venus: It is of great power since it compels the Spirits of Venus to obey. This Pentacle forces on the instant any person thou wishest to come unto thee.
  • ♀︎ Pentacle F5 - The Fifth and Last Pentacle of Venus: When you only show it unto any person, it invites and excites them wonderfully unto love.
  • Pentacle G1 - The First Pentacle of Mercury: It serves to invoke the Spirits under the Firmament.
  • Pentacle G2 - Second Pentacle of Mercury: Also called Solomonic Pentacle of Mercury, or Seal of Mercury, this Pentacle necklace Spirits, whose names one inscribe here, "execute and carry out the desire, contrary to the natural order and not related to any of the other sections."
  • Pentacle G3 - The Third Pentacle of Mercury: This and the following invoke the Spirit's subject unto Mercury, especially those written in this Pentacle.
  • Pentacle G4 - The Fourth Pentacle of Mercury: This is proper to acquire the understanding and knowledge of all things created. Also, to seek out and penetrate hidden things and command those Spirits called Allatori to perform embassies. They obey very readily.
  • Pentacle G5 - The Fifth and Last Pentacle of Mercury: "This commandeth the Spirits of Mercury, and serveth to open doors in whatever way they may be closed." And nothing it may encounter can resist it.
  • Pentacle H1 - The Second Pentacle of the Moon: "This serveth against all perils and dangers by water." And suppose the Spirits of the Moon should excite and cause tremendous rain to astonish and terrify thee. In that case, show them this Pentacle, and it will all speedily cease.
  • Pentacle H2 - The Third Pentacle of the Moon: This being duly borne with thee upon a journey, if one properly make it, "serveth against all attacks by night, and every kind of danger and peril by water."
  • Pentacle H3 - The Fourth Pentacle of the Moon: "This defendeth thee from all evil sources, and all injury unto soul or body. Its Angel, Sophiel, giveth the knowledge of the virtue of all herbs and stones. To whomsoever shall name him, he will procure all knowledge."
  • Pentacle H4 - The Fifth Pentacle of the Moon: "It serveth to have answers in sleep." Angel Iachadiel serves unto destruction and loss, as well as unto the destruction of enemies. "Thou mayest also call upon him by Abdon and Dalé against all Phantoms of the night. And to summon the souls of the departed from Hades."
  • Pentacle H5 - The Sixth and Last Pentacle of the Moon: This is wonderfully good and serves excellently to excite and cause heavy rains if one should engrave it upon a plate of silver. And if one should place it underwater, as long as it "remaineth there, there will be rain." It should be engraved, drawn, or written on the day and hour of the Moon.

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