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Classic Tarot Cards For Beginner Reader | High-End Tarot Deck With Guidebook | Spiritual Gift For Newbie Divination Witch

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Discover the world of Tarot!

This beginner tarot deck contains keywords to help newbie readers in this fascinating divination method.

We designed the deck by dividing the cards into five colors representing:

  1. The Major Arcana;
  2. The Suit of Wands;
  3. The Suit of Cups;
  4. The Suit of Swords;
  5. The Suit of Pentacles.

Beginner Tarot Cards Deck With Keywords And Guidebook | Apollo Tarot Shop

The colors make it easier to understand the correlation between the cards and the alchemical elements related to aspects of life.

A comprehensive 250 pages guidebook goes further into the cards meaning, in case you need to extract the extra juice from your tarot deck.

In no time, you will be a fantastic divination witch respected among your coven!

Our beginner tarot deck with keywords presents the following features:

  1. Box size: 132x80mm;
  2. Cards size: 120 x 70mm;
  3. Complete Deck: 78+2 cards;
  4. Weight: 448g;
  5. Language: English;
  6. Thorough guidebook;
  7. Free shipping to most countries in the world.
  8. Most tarot decks ship within two business days.

Our premium tarot cards are the best for newbie divination practitioners:

  • Original¬†design: We design the cards in¬†five colors, each representing different elements, which can facilitate¬†beginners¬†to identify cards quickly.

  • Card meaning¬†keywords: Upright and reversed card¬†definitions, the corresponding elements, zodiac signs or planets, yes/no, and numerology.

  • We include a¬†guidebook¬†with 250 pages, with a more detailed explanation.

  • 400 gsm¬†premium¬†coated paper - Tarot card size: 2.75" x 4.72" (70 mm x 120 mm), including 78 cards + 1 instruction card + 1 electronic guide card.

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