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Athena Owl Coin Necklace | Ancient Greek Tetradrachm Choker | Athenian AOE Letters Carved Pendant | Freedom Jewelry Amulet

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We are introducing our exquisite Athena Owl Coin Necklace, a captivating piece that beautifully combines ancient Greek symbolism and the timeless concept of freedom.

  • Material: Anti-Rust and Fade Resistant Stainless Steel;
  • Chain size: 45cm (17.7") link chain (choker);
  • Coin pendant diameter: 20mm (0.8")

Athena's Owl Coin Necklace Features | Apollo Tarot Jewelry Shop

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this gold-plated stainless steel choker features an authentic replica of the legendary Athenian AOE coin (abbreviation for "ΑOΕΝΑΙΟΝ," which translates to "of Athenians") on one side, showcasing the iconic owl, a symbol of Athena, goddess of wisdom and protection.

On the other side, the pendant is adorned with the empowering word "Freedom," evoking the ideals cherished by the Athenians.

Athena's Owl Coin Necklace Cutommer Review | Apollo Tarot Jewelry Shop

This stunning necklace serves as a unique amulet, embodying the rich history of ancient Greece and the enduring aspiration for personal liberty.

Embrace the spirit of Athena and celebrate the power of freedom with this remarkable piece of jewelry.


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