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Astrodice | Astrology Dice

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Upgrade your tarot readings with our Astrodice.

Astrology and Tarot complement each other like Yin and Yang. Get the extra juice from your tarot readings with our Astrodice.

How do our Astrology Dice work?

Our Astrodice is a set of three twelve-sided-dice:

  • A blue die that has the Planets and represents the “What.”
  • A green die that has the Zodiac Signs and represents the “How.”
  • Finally, a purple die that has the House Numbers to represent the “Where."

If you need complete instructions, read it here on our Blog Post: "How to use the Astrology Dice (Astrodice)."

What buyers are saying about our Astrodice:

"They arrived quickly and in good condition! I recommend!" - Mathew.

Astrodice | Apollo Tarot

"I love the colors, and they came fast." - Sylvana.

Astrodice | Apollo Tarot

"Love them, exactly what you can see in the picture."- Melissa.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review


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