Which Galaxy J7 do I have?

After releasing the first Galaxy J7 in 2015, Samsung released two new J7 models in 2016 and five in 2017, not including rebrands of older phones. That makes it tricky to work out which phone you have (and which cases and accessories will fit). In this article, we'll show you how to find out which Galaxy J7 you have with some handy identification tips.

Which Galaxy J7 do I have? | Apollo Tarot

Check Settings

The fastest way to know for sure is to check the Settings "About phone" section. Open the Settings app, scroll to "About phone," and scroll down to see the listed model name. The 2015 model will be called the 'Galaxy J7', while the 2016 model will be called the 'Galaxy J7 (2016)'. After that, it gets more complicated as the roster of Galaxy J7 phones has swelled to include the J7 Prime, J7 Max, J7 Pro, and J7 Nxt.

Look at the back

One excellent way to tell the difference without turning on the phone is to look at the back. We have 2015 in white, 2016 in gold, and 2017 in pink from left to right.

Which Galaxy J7 do I have? | Apollo Tarot

The 2015 version has the flash to the left of the camera and a pair of slim speaker grilles to the right. Conversely, the 2016 model has a lozenge-shaped speaker grille to the camera's left and a lozenge-shaped flash module to the right. The 2017 phone is even more distinctive, with a lozenge-shaped camera area that includes the lens vertically above the flash. (The nearly identical J7 Pro also shares this trait). There's also a noticeable half-lozenge antenna line running along the top and bottom of the back.

Next, we have the models that don't fall into the simple 2015, 2016, and 2017 naming scheme. We have the J7 Prime, the J7 V, the J7 Max, and the J7 Nxt from left to right.

Which Galaxy J7 do I have? | Apollo Tarot

The J7 Prime has a unique rear camera layout, with a rounded square camera in the center and a small square LED flash on the right side. It also has a perfectly straight horizontal line just above the camera lens.

The J7 V is also easy to recognize, thanks to the band that runs horizontally across both the camera lens and flash and the Verizon branding on the back. This same design has also been sold under different names in the United States, with Samsung or another cell carrier's branding instead of Verizon's.

The J7 Max also has a unique feature: a thick silver/grey border around the camera area, with the flash to the right. It also has a faint horizontal line that curves down at each end just above the camera.

Finally, we have the J7 Nxt. This phone mimics the appearance of the very first Galaxy J7 model, which was released in 2015, with a flash on the left and a two-line speaker grille on the right. What makes it different is its texture: fine diagonal lines across the entirety of the rear. The two phones are almost identical, so you may find those accessories for one work for the other.

Finally, some other networks have also produced their versions of the J7. For example, MetroPCS in the United States are currently selling the 2015-era J7 with model number SM-J700T1, so owners of this phone should look for cases and accessories that will fit the J7 (2015).

Now what?

Now you've (hopefully) identified your Galaxy J7 model — sweet as! Now you can find the right accessories for your phone.