FREE quiz: What Tarot Case Are You Now?

Tarot is a unique tool that can enlighten you on what to focus on any given moment in life. By taking this quiz, it is possible to grasp which card is governing your current stage in your spiritual path. Then, by concentrating on the message of this card, you can learn whatever lesson the Universe is trying to teach you, and move on to the next step in your journey.

To take the quiz, simply choose fast the best answer for each question. Do not take more than a few seconds to answer each question as you want to use intuition rather than your thinking mind for this task. 

It is essential to stress, though, that the outcome card is related to your present moment. Our governing cards change as much as we change during our evolution

Thus, instead of thinking that "I am The Wizard," you should repeat to yourself: "I am The Wizard at this moment." So, take the test whenever necessary: ​​the answers will be different, but appropriate for your current moment. 

Oh, and there are funny gifs on each question.