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Tarot Necklace | Suit of Pentacles Pendants

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Do you have a Tarot Card that holds a special place in your heart?

Perhaps it is your birth card. Or that stalking card that always pops out of the deck when you're shuffling.

Now you can keep them close to your heart! Our Tarot Necklaces are beautiful, and their pendants contain all the meaningful imagery from the Suit of Pentacles.

The Meaning of The Suit of Pentacles:

Pentacles deal with the material or physical and thus reflect health, finances, work, and outward creativity. Associated with the earth element, they are what we make of our surroundings – how we build it, form it, mold it, and improve it.  Pentacles are associated with outer world communication using the five senses.

The Tarot Necklace | Suit of Pentacles Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Gender: Unisex;
  • Pendant Size: 0.94 x 1.57in (24 x 40mm);
  • Chain Size: 18.11in (45cm);
  • FREE Shipping: 14-21 days, free shipping. Enjoy!
Tarot Necklace | Suit Of Pentacles Pendants

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