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Tarot Spread: New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Using a Tarot Spread is an excellent means to make the most out of the astrological influences of the moment. So, before we jump to it, let's understand the astrological forces we have around this Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius happening on December 4th, 2021.

Tarot Spread: New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius | Apollo Tarot Blog
Tarot Spread: New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

In what astrological context will the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius occur?

At the end of the week, the influential New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius can be felt days before and bring many new elements to our lives.

The week starts with a waning moon in Scorpio that invites us to look within and discern intense emotions swaying us during this lunar cycle.

The atmosphere is one of sensitivity and profound contact with what lies within us.

Besides, with Mars trine and Venus sextile with Neptune in its ruling sign of Scorpio, we have extra inspiration at our disposal, which should help us organize those emotions and make better choices.

Therefore, the week until December 4th, when we'll have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, will be productive. Plus, it's an extraordinary moment for composing ourselves and resolving any pending issues.

Moreover, Neptune is leaving retrograde, putting rescued dreams back on track towards their manifestation.

What to expect from this Full Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius?

During the last eclipse of the year, there is an opportunity to gain greater clarity about our feelings and make this emotional transparency a lever for achieving our goals.

This eclipse takes place in Sagittarius, a sign also home to Mercury and the South Node. Therefore, it invites us to look more at the beliefs we hold within us.

Accordingly, this eclipse will be an excellent opportunity to double-check if our ideologies correspond to what we hold in our hearts and what we honestly desire. Hence, freeing ourselves from what impedes the timely manifestation of our dreams.


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Six Cards Tarot Spread: New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

Now, to make the most of this New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, start shuffling your favorite tarot deck. And ask your cards the following spread:

Tarot Spread: New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius | Apollo Tarot Blog

Tarot Spread New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

  1. How my most profound emotions are influencing my perception at the moment?
  2. How can I best search for inspiration to proceed with my goals?
  3. What once forgotten dreams could now have a second chance?
  4. How do I know what I truly want?
  5. How my belief system affects my life?
  6. What is holding me back from manifesting my dreams?

You may want to pick the Temperance Card from your tarot deck and meditate or reflect on its meanings as an extra activity as this card correlates with Sagittarius.

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