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[Tarot Spread] New Moon In Taurus 2021

Every New and Full Moon, we at Apollo Tarot share a tarot spread related to the zodiac sign the Moon is passing. Here is our New Moon In Taurus 2021 Tarot Spread. 

New Moon In Taurus Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot

New Moon In Taurus 2021 Tarot Spread

If you already know how to plan for your life using the Moon Cycles, please skip the quick intro below, and jump to the juicy part. But if you need a refreshment, here is how to use our Tarot Spreads according to the Moon's position.

A quick intro to our New Moon In Taurus 2021 Tarot Spread:

We can align our intentions with the Moon's cycles to make the most out of its influence on us.

New Moons are perfect for new beginnings, starting a project, or growing it. Now Full Moons, and the period after it, are most suitable for a "draw-back." That's when we evaluate our accomplishments, reorganize, and plan for the next New Moon stage.

To make planning easier, we prepared a Moon Cycle Calendar for you. Save it on your Instagram:

Please take a look at our Moon Calendar on our Instagram page here.

 So, briefly:

  • New Moon: Set your intentions, and begin your projects;
  • Full Moon: Celebrate your achievements, and release what no longer serves you.

Since the Moon rules the emotional tone of a given moment, it's good to know her mood. Which is influenced by the zodiac sign the Moon is passing at the moment. The zodiac signs also indicate how well we do things.

New Moon In Taurus Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot

New Moon In Taurus 2021 Tarot Spread

New Moon In Taurus 2021 Tarot Spread:

This pleasant and sensuous lunation blooms in the skies on May 11, when the Moon will join the Sun and Uranus in Taurus.

Whenever the Sun and the Moon are sitting in the same sign, we can expect its energy to flow more intensely in our lives.

Spiritual yet grounded, Taurus energy asks us to focus on goals while being pragmatic about reaching them. Especially if they relate to themes like love, money, or values, as Venus, the planet of love and finance, rules Taurus.

"This New Moon, expect earthly delights."

Now, to make the most of this New Moon In Taurus, start shuffling your favorite deck, and ask yourself:

New Moon In Taurus Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot

New Moon In Taurus 2021 Tarot Spread

  1. How can I be more practical when reaching my goals?
  2. What is the best way I can bring more pleasure to my life without hurting my values?
  3. How can I care for my finances more joyfully and positively?

As an extra activity, you may want to pick The Hierophant from your tarot deck and meditate or reflect on its power, as this card correlates with Taurus.

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Share your New Moon In Taurus 2021 Tarot Spread with me!

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