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Spring Equinox Tarot Spread

Happy New Year! No, I'm not crazy. This 20 of March, aka Spring Equinox, is also when the Sun enters Aries, meaning it's a brand-new astrological year.

About our Spring Equinox Tarot Spread:

Spring has sprung, and while living creatures are taking advantage of the warmer temperatures to grow and change, the Equinox casts a much-needed balance in that booming energy.

Equinoxes are the time of the year when day and night are of equal length. On this day, Wiccans celebrate Ostara, an Anglo-Saxon goddess who represents dawn. This harmonious energy is essential for a steady and healthy development of our growth stimulated by the Sun in Aries.

Hence, our Spring Equinox Tarot Spread aims to adjust Aries' go-getter spirit, so we all start our astrological year with maximum spring force.

Our Spring Equinox Tarot Spread is all about the Sun in Aries!

But what are the traits associated with Aries that we need to balance? 

In tarot, Aries relates with The Emperor card, frequently portrayed with Aries' symbolism: a ram's head, fire, desert, or heat, representing Aries determination and courage. When these energies are out of balance, they could turn into recklessness and insensitivity.

Main points of our Sun in Aries / Spring Equinox Tarot Spread:

  • courage ⇔ recklessness
  • determination ⇔ insensitivity
  • honesty ⇔ tactlessness

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and, therefore, the rawest with their needs, demands, and emotions. When the Sun is in Aries, we tend to value honesty, which sometimes leads to innocence and possibly tactlessness.

Spring Equinox Tarot Spread:

So are you ready to make the most of this Sun in Aries energy? Shuffle your favorite tarot deck, take a deep breath, and ask yourself the following questions:

Sun in Aries Spring Equinox Tarot Spread
Sun in Aries / Spring Equinox Tarot Spread

  1. How can I balance my courage, so I'm not reckless?
  2. How do I avoid being tactless when being honest?
  3. How can I be driven to my goals without being anxious?

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"Aries demands love, for like the infant, without love, Aries dies" - Linda Goodman.

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