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Scorpio Season 2021 Tarot Spread

Welcome to the Scorpio Season! Many people believe that the period between October 23rd and November 22nd is one of the darkest of the year. But we're here to say there's nothing to fear from this season.

Scorpio Season 2021 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot

Scorpio energy does have some darkness, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, it can be stimulating and healthy to recognize that evil exists. We need some intensity to shake up our routines. And luckily, you don't have to be Scorpio to feel these effects.

Scorpio Season: Fearless Energy

The main characteristics of Scorpio are intensity, awareness, and a calm and assured way of assuming power. The sign has two dominant planets: Mars, related to action, aggression, and desire, and Pluto, associated with transformation, rebirth, and subconscious forces.

People new to astrology are often surprised to discover that Scorpio is not, as they assume, a bold, aggressive fire sign. But a water sign—which is usually perceptive, intuitive, and emotional.

Scorpio energy is undoubtedly intense and powerful, but it's not that stark; instead, it has a deep and vibrant determination to its core. This sign has a fierce and accurate focus, a powerful drive, and a strong desire to investigate and get to the bottom of things.

Scorpio is about depth, not appearances. Scorpio is not afraid of anything, not even the darkest truths.

Scorpio Season: Do Not Rush

You should expect the Scorpio season to be a period of intensity. This may mean that you will have a hard time just letting things happen naturally.

Perhaps this haste and anxiety arouse feelings such as jealousy, paranoia, possessiveness, or unfounded suspicion. Be very careful with rash speech and attitude. Don't be surprised if other people in your life also respond to your actions with this type of behavior.

Scorpio Season: Release The Beasts!

One of the significant advantages of the Scorpio season is the energy of fearlessness that lingers in the air. Many of you will refuse to be intimidated or accept easy answers with the slightest background of falsehood.

You can use that energy to start questioning things more provocatively, both to step out of your comfort zone or surprise other people.

The Scorpio season is the best astrological setting for partying alone, discovering new social ranges, and venturing into places that once sounded intimidating to you.

Scorpio Season: Explore Your Sexuality

Scorpio is often stereotyped as the most sexually focused sign. Indeed, its rulership can make you feel sexy in more intense ways than usual.

You may feel more comfortable talking about repressed desires or, finally, acting on what your body has always wanted.

It's good to remember that Scorpio's desire is not just about sex. But intense experiences of intimacy, about feeling an immediate personal connection to the world in all its wildness and depth.

Scorpio Season: Tell Me What Want, What You Really Really Want

Before you go really, really zigazig ah, please notice, depending on your birth chart setup, all this intensity of the Scorpio season may or may not be precisely spicy. (If you're a millennial, you probably got the reference here, if you did not, never mind 🙈).

Anyways, Scorpio Season can be gratifying and liberating for any birth chart—you just have to let it happen.

During this season, you may find yourself refusing to accept less than what you desire—and like that, getting in contact with what's deeply lying within you.

Suppose you're usually a person focused on comfort, harmony, success, or prestige. In that case, this Scorpio Season may invite you to rethink these factors and put all of that aside. What do you really want in your life? What do you really need?

Scorpio Season: Find A Healthy Obsession

Scorpio season is a focused solar cycle, excellent for research or thorough work. What are you looking forward to learning?

Over the next four weeks, you'll have the focus you need to master the first chords of a guitar, edit a video, or crochet your first tapestry. But be careful! While your focused mind can provide incredible endurance, it can also throw you off the rails.

Don't get too fixated on your new goals, as this can cause you to burn out and/or miss other vital happenings around you. Too much introspection can prevent you from taking action, leaving you stuck in an inevitable cycle.

If you notice that your mind is overthinking, get up and move your body. Do some activity that warms up or exercises your muscles.

Scorpio Season: Dive Into Mystery

Details of our private lives are rarely spared in the digital age. Still, the mysterious Scorpio loves to exercise his intriguing side.

Take a break from documenting all the mundane moments on social media; let people wonder what you're doing. Creating some FOMO around yourself can really work in your favor right now.

The mastery of suspense is a Scorpio specialty. So put on your favorite perfume, seduce people to follow your trail, and turn their curiosity into a frenzy. If you know what I mean 😉.

Six Cards - Scorpio Season 2021 Tarot Spread:

Now, to make the most of this Scorpio Season, start shuffling your favorite tarot deck, and ask the cards:

Scorpio Season 2021 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

Scorpio Season 2021 Tarot Spread

  1. What do I need to focus on this season?
  2. How to outgrow the negative aspects of my personality?
  3. What do I need to know about my deepest fears?
  4. How can I best deepen my relationships to a more meaningful level?
  5. What are the reasons behind what I want the most?
  6. What areas of my life could use some discretion or mystery?

As an extra activity, you may want to pick The Death Card from your tarot deck and meditate or reflect on its power, as this card correlates with Scorpio.

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