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🌚 New Moon In Scorpio Tarot Spread

We at Apollo Tarot share a tarot spread related to the zodiac sign the Moon is passing every New and Full Moon. Here is our New Moon in Scorpio 2021 Tarot Spread for the November 4th Moon.

New Moon In Scorpio 2021 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

New Moon In Scorpio 2021 Tarot Spread

If you already know how to plan for your life using the Moon Cycles, please skip the quick intro below, and jump to the juicy part. But if you need a refreshment, here is how to use our Tarot Spreads according to the Moon's position.

Quick intro to our New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread:

We can align our intentions with the Moon's cycles to make the most out of its influence on us.

New Moons are perfect for new beginnings, starting projects, or growing them. Now Full Moons, and the period after it, are most suitable for a "draw-back." That's when we evaluate our accomplishments, reorganize, and plan for the next New Moon phase.

 So, briefly:

  • New Moon: Set your intentions, and begin your projects;
  • Full Moon: Celebrate your achievements, and release what no longer serves you.

Since the Moon rules the emotional tone of a given moment, it's good to know her mood. Which is influenced by the zodiac sign the Moon is passing at the moment. The zodiac signs also indicate how well we do things.

What are the planetary aspects affecting this New Moon in Scorpio?

On November 4th, the Moon is all new again. The alignment of the Sun and the Moon takes place in the sign of Scorpio, with Mars, the planet of energy and initiative, squaring restrictive Saturn and rebellious Uranus.

It will be one of the most challenging Moon Cycles of the year, so let's prepare for it.

By the way, November as a whole is a tense and intense month 😵‍💫 #spoilalert.

As said before, Mars and Uranus are opposing each other. But the highlight of this cycle that begins with the New Moon In Scorpio will happen with a Full Moon that will also be a lunar eclipse.

This Eclipse during a Full Moon can shake structures, mess with once secured resources, question our values and how we function. In addition, this Scorpio Moon Cycle can touch emotional issues powerfully.

What energies are involving this New Moon in Scorpio Cycle?

In Scorpio, the Lunation that begins now promises intensity and asks for deep dives within, but be careful not to drown. Overthinking your feelings is never helpful. Instead, close your eyes, pause for a moment, and use your heart to discern aspects of yourself that are in time to let go.

The risks of accidents and damages also exist throughout this New Moon in Scorpio Cycle.

We may face unforeseen events, setbacks, and changes in plans. Time schedules can also be different from predicted, and irritability can take us over.

We must not act on impulse, but we must take care not to fail to do what are in our plans. This New Moon In Scorpio reinforces the importance of honoring commitments and agreements.

And there's more, Venus in Capricorn will shake relationship structures since the Planet of Love will be retrograde and confronting Pluto for months to come.

What will this New Moon in Scorpio bring to the collective?

Collectively, these are challenging economic and political times, with risks of more turmoil ahead. We must also be aware of the risk of accidents, climate issues, and natural disasters.

It is essential to go deeper into what we are up to, prioritizing quality over quantity and rethinking our paths. Use this New Moon in Scorpio to question your values and reflect if they can bring effective changes for a better world.

These are not easy times, but we can change the course of events, if only with time.

Five Cards: New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread:

Now, to make the most of this New Moon in Scorpio, start shuffling your favorite tarot deck, and ask the cards:

New Moon In Scorpio 2021 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot

New Moon in Scorpio 2021 Tarot Spread

  1. How can I best transmute negative feelings into positive ones?
  2. What do I need to be aware of before acting on impulse?
  3. How can I best prepare for unpredicted events?
  4. How can I strengthen my ties with loved ones to endure challenging times?
  5. What do I need to change in me to change the world?

As an extra activity, you may want to pick the Death Card from your tarot deck and meditate or reflect on its power, as this card correlates with Scorpio.

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