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New Mon & Solar Eclipse In Aries 2023 Tarot Spread

The upcoming New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 20th is a powerful astrological event that marks a time of new beginnings, transformation, and growth. As a solar eclipse, this event can significantly change your life, particularly in self-expression, leadership, and personal power.

But what do eclipses mean in Astrology?

In astrology, eclipses are known to bring significant shifts in energy, both on a personal and collective level. They are often associated with sudden changes, new beginnings, and transformative experiences.

In general, eclipses are thought to be a time of heightened sensitivity and intuition, as well as a time of increased emotional intensity and potential conflict. They are often seen as opportunities for growth, transformation, and personal evolution. They can bring hidden or suppressed aspects of the self to light and help us release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.

The effects of an eclipse can be felt for several months leading up to and following the event. The specific impact of an eclipse will depend on the zodiac sign and astrological houses involved.

Eclipses are powerful and transformative astrological events that can bring significant energy shifts and help us align more fully with our true purpose and potential. While they may be intense and challenging, they ultimately offer growth, transformation, and personal evolution opportunities.

What energies are involved in this New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries?

The New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries brings a potent and dynamic energy about new beginnings, personal growth, and transformation. Aries is a fire sign associated with courage, self-expression, and bold action. This eclipse will likely inspire us to step outside our comfort zones and pursue our passions and goals confidently and enthusiastically.

Here are some of the energies and themes that are associated with this New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries:

  1. Transformation: Eclipses are known for their transformative energy, and this one is no exception. This eclipse may bring sudden changes, unexpected revelations, and new opportunities for growth and evolution.
  2. Courage and assertiveness: Aries are known for their bravery and passion, so this eclipse will likely inspire us to step up and take charge of our lives. It's a time to trust our instincts, take risks, and confidently pursue our goals.
  3. Self-discovery: The energy of this eclipse is all about self-discovery and self-expression. It's a time to connect with our true passions and desires and to explore new aspects of ourselves that we may have been holding back.
  4. Passion and enthusiasm: Aries is known for its fiery spirit. This eclipse will likely inspire us to pursue our passions with renewed vigor and excitement. It's a time to tap into our creativity and express ourselves boldly and authentically.
  5. Independence and self-reliance: Aries is a sign that values freedom and self-reliance, so this eclipse may encourage us to take ownership of our lives and pursue our goals on our own terms. It's a time to trust ourselves and our abilities and believe in our power to create the lives we want.

Overall, the energy of this New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries is all about taking action, pursuing our passions, and embracing our inner fire and courage. It's a time to trust ourselves, take risks, and step boldly into the unknown, knowing that the universe supports us every step.

New Moon & Solar Eclipse In Aries Tarot Spread:

Here are some questions you can ask the Tarot during the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Aries to help you navigate this transformative cosmic event:

New Moon & Solar Eclipse In Aries 2023 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

  1. Transformation:
    1. What areas of my life can I transform and let go of during this powerful cosmic event?
    2. What limiting beliefs or fears will I release to reach my highest potential?
  2. Courage and assertiveness:
    1. What steps can I take to confidently assert myself in pursuing my goals and desires?
    2. How can I use the energy of this eclipse to overcome any fears or doubts that may be holding me back?
  3. Self-discovery:
    1. What new aspects of myself can I explore and express during this transformative time?
    2. How can I tap into my creativity and passions to live a more fulfilling and authentic life?
  4. Passion and enthusiasm:
    1. What brings me the most joy and excitement, and how can I pursue those things with more vigor and enthusiasm?
    2. What steps can I take to infuse my life with more passion and purpose?
  5. Independence and self-reliance:
    1. How can I cultivate greater independence and self-reliance while remaining open to collaboration and support from others?
    2. What steps can I take to trust my instincts and beliefs, even when they may be at odds with those around me?

Remember, these questions are a starting point for self-reflection and personal growth. Use them to connect more deeply with your intuition and inner wisdom and trust that the universe is supporting you in your journey of transformation and evolution during this powerful New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries.

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