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Leo Season 2021 Tarot Spread

On June 22, 2021, the Sun steps into Leo, a highly passionate sign favoring courage in life. At this Leo Season, set intentions with confidence, especially on the next New Moon, which also takes place in Leo, on August 7. 

So, Shall we prepare for it with our Leo Season 2021 Tarot Spread?

Leo Season 2021 Tarot Spread | Apollo TarotAt this Leo Season, trust that fire within you!

About our Leo Season 2021 Tarot Spread:

The time has come for the Sun to walk through a well-known territory that enhances its characteristics: Leo.

Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo; therefore, all its attributes are further expanded during the season, which runs until August 21.

The Sun, in astrology, addresses our true essence, the ability to show our most genuine side to the world and act by our values.

Leo, in turn, brings heart, personal power, self-confidence, and a little narcissism - responsible for the reputation that this fiery sign carries.

Still, this shouldn't necessarily be all frowned upon. After all, self-worth and self-love are essential for a healthy and well-tamed ego.

Leo Season 2021: Career, Life & Love

Taking advantage of Leo Season to makeover your looks can work fabulously! Change your haircut and bet on new colors. Dress in clothes that enhance your body type and raise your self-esteem.

Now careerwise, we cannot always position ourselves in a professional environment as we wanted. Sometimes, we even lack the courage to assume necessary attitudes and positions. Well, Leo Season is here to shake that all up.

After all, when the Sun is in Leo, we trust our thoughts and develop the strength to manifest our most innovative ideas.

For our relationships, Leo Season is an excellent opportunity to express feelings, especially affective ones. This impetuous season favors exchanges with our loved ones. And, more than that, Leo season can be a safe moment to face feelings of insecurity.

When the Sun is in Leo, we are neither afraid nor ashamed to display achievements and defend our positions.

So, for the next month, we have the chance to drink from Leo's fountain of fierce and hurl ourselves into new ventures.

The Sun in Leo favors advertising your gifts and talents. Trust your artistic and creative capacity. It will be heightened for next month.

Better choices are made with self-confidence at Leo Season, especially on New Moon, which also takes place in Leo, on August 7. 

Leo Season 2021 Tarot Spread: Trust that fire within you!

So, are you ready to make the most of this Leo Season? Shuffle your favorite tarot deck, take a couple of deep breaths, and ask yourself the following questions:

Leo Season 2021 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

  1. What deeply hidden insecurities do I need to address in myself?
  2. How can I stand more bravely for what I believe it's important?
  3. What is the best way I can showcase my talents to serve my community?

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See you the following July 23, for the Full Moon In Aquarius!

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