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July 2023: Full Moon In Capricorn Tarot Spread

1. Harnessing the Power of the Capricorn Full Moon: A Time for Reflection and Transformation

As the radiant Capricorn Full Moon graces us at 11 degrees on July 3, the celestial skies offer us a moment of profound introspection and growth. During this sacred time, we are encouraged to reevaluate our focus for the year and realign ourselves, making necessary course corrections for the path ahead.

Realistically assessing our goals and direction takes center stage, inviting us to embrace transformation. The cosmic energies of the Sun and Mercury conjunct in Cancer bring us in touch with our innermost feelings and remind us to prioritize self-care. As we tune into the deeper energetics that 2023 has unveiled, the Full Moon, ruled by Saturn RX (retrograde) in Pisces, blesses us with intuitive clarity to illuminate our next steps. 

Supported by the auspicious connection between Jupiter in Taurus, practicality melds seamlessly with ambition, guiding us to take bold, practical steps forward. 

1.a. Embracing the Full Moon Energies:

The Capricorn Full Moon arrives like a cosmic mirror, inviting us to reflect on the intentions we set for this year. It is a time of self-inquiry and a powerful opportunity to discern what truly serves us. As the Sun and Mercury converge in Cancer, our emotional landscape becomes a focal point, reminding us to nurture ourselves. This alignment calls for moments of solitude and introspection, where we can connect with our innermost thoughts and feelings.

1.b. Course-Correction and Growth:

During this Full Moon, we have the chance to course-correct our paths. It's essential to recognize what is no longer working or necessary in our lives and release them gracefully. Embrace change as a catalyst for growth, knowing that letting go can lead us to new, more fulfilling opportunities. Allow the transformative energies of this celestial event to support your journey toward positive change.

1.c. Harnessing Saturn RX in Pisces:

As the ruler of this Capricorn Full Moon, Saturn RX in Pisces brings a profound depth to our insights. Its supportive trines to the Sun and Moon offer intuitive clarity, guiding us towards the next phase of our lives.

Trust your instincts and listen to the subtle whispers of your soul. Saturn RX in Pisces encourages us to embrace compassion, forgiveness, and spiritual growth.

1.d. Jupiter in Taurus:

Jupiter's presence in Taurus adds an auspicious touch to this Full Moon. It gives us the determination and practicality needed to take significant steps forward. Allow this energy to propel you toward your ambitions and dreams. Embrace your inner strength, and with a grounded approach, reach for the stars.

2. Full Moon in Capricorn n 2023 Tarot Spread

Welcome to the transformative energies of the Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread

This 6-card Tarot spread is a gateway to unraveling the profound messages of the cosmos, helping us navigate this Full Moon with clarity and purpose. Let the cards be your celestial guides, illuminating the path to progress and fulfillment.

Full Moon In Capricorn 2023 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

  • 1) What structures and foundations do I need to examine during this Full Moon?
    • This card will reveal the aspects of your life that require a realistic assessment. Look at your goals and ambitions critically to ensure stability and strength.
  • 2) What do I need to release to move forward with clarity and purpose?
    • This card will guide you in identifying what is no longer serving your highest good. Embrace necessary changes to progress towards your aspirations.
  • 3) How can I best align my practical ambitions with my emotional well-being?
    • This card will offer insights into harmonizing your practical aspirations with your emotional needs. Find balance and nurturing in your pursuits.
  • 4) What intuitive messages and insights are available to me at this time?
    • This card will reveal the deeper truths and intuitive clarity surrounding your path. Trust your inner guidance and the subtle whispers of your soul.
  • 5) What resources and support are available to aid me in my journey?
    • This card will highlight the supportive resources and connections around you. Embrace the help available to you on your path.
  • 6) How can I embrace ambition and practicality to progress toward my dreams?
    • This card will guide you in harnessing your ambitious energy with a grounded approach. Embrace determination and fearlessness as you move forward.

3. Conclusion

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 3 is a potent time for personal growth, reflection, and transformation. Embrace the energies of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, Saturn RX in Pisces, and Jupiter in Taurus as they offer guidance and support. Use the Tarot spread to delve into your innermost desires and intentions, making the most of these celestial energies. Allow the Full Moon's luminous glow to illuminate your path as you navigate change and seize the opportunity to manifest your dreams with a grounded and determined spirit. Remember, within this cosmic dance lies the power to embrace positive transformation and fully express your true self.

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