Full moon in Capricorn 2022 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

Full Moon In Capricorn 2022 Tarot Spread

On the 13th of July, for the second time this year, we will have the privilege of feeling the vibration of the spectacular Supermoon. That's when the Moon's perceivable size and brightness are amplified due to its orbit reaching the maximum point of approach to Earth, known as perigee.

Full Moon in Capricorn 2022 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

Full Moon in Capricorn 2022 Tarot Spread

The Moon's arrival at 21º22' of the sign of Capricorn also marks an alignment with Pluto. Still, the Full Moon in Capricorn will also oppose the Sun and Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus.

Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread: But what does it all mean?

Firstly, this Full Moon in Capricorn might strain our feelings and imagination while softening our impulsive side. We will feel more moderate and prompted to act with caution and responsibility.

Secondly, Pluto conveys that the future may present challenges, bringing necessary readjustments. You may want to restructure and replan to remain firm despite possible adversities.

Remember that Pluto is the god of darkness, the underworld, related to our deep unconsciousness. And when this planet is activated, figuratively speaking (or not), it brings death, reborn, and transformation. That's why quite significant changes will be in our midst.

Thirdly, the alignment of the Full Moon in Capricorn with Uranus in Taurus warns us that unpleasant ruptures represent an opening to new possibilities for growth. It is necessary to be open to a new reality to the old modus operandi.

Therefore, we will feel more conscious and pragmatic when making choices. Ask yourself: "What was good?", "What benefited me?", "What detachments do I need to make?". 

After all, remember that the Capricorn Zodiac is symbolized by the mountain goat, who won't make it to the top carrying an unnecessary burden.

Moreover, during this Full Moon in Capricorn, our feelings will be confronted with the moral values ​​we carry in our lives. Remember, our past experiences and relationships reinforce the foundations of our future.

Likewise, buried feelings might resurface and revive our memory with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, significantly nourishing our motivation, spirits, and vitality.

On the other hand, this reflux of emotions can hurt us from the inside, bringing anxiety and paralyzing our evolution. Therefore watch where your mind is going!

How will the Supermoon in Capricorn affect each sign?

  • ♈️ Aries: Now it's a great time to channel your creative and fulfilling energy, delivering extra gas to finish projects. But be careful not to be ambitious and competitive.
  • ♉️ Taurus: Patience and determination will keep you focused on your goals; take one step at a time.
  • ♊️ Gemini: Logical and pragmatic thinking is favorable for business. Use this energy to support your projects.
  • ♋️ Cancer: You will feel more objective when dealing with your emotions. Discern what feelings can get in the way of positive experiences.
  • ♌️ Leo: Your passion will be toned down, and you will face challenges with caution and planning to achieve your ambitions.
  • ♍️ Virgo: Your efficiency and rationality will be reinforced. This will lead you to methodically analyze the aspects that contributed to the success or failure of a plan.

  • ♎️ Libra: Your diplomacy will take on a very realistic tone. You will not use mincing words to express your point of view.
  • ♏️ Scorpio: You will have your determination and resilience reinforced, strengthening your ambition and desire for power.
  • ♐️ Sagittarius: You will feel more motivated to complete goals and avoid risky situations.
  • ♑️ Capricorn: You will feel more productive and dedicated to carrying out your professional projects and attentive to fulfilling your plans.
  • ♒️ Aquarius: You will feel more creative and motivated to put new projects into practice but will consider the pros and cons of each situation.
  • ♓️ Pisces: You will feel more introverted and reserved, objectively realizing what is between the lines.

An incredible Full Moon in Capricorn to you, and see you in the next New Moon in Leo!

Full Moon in Capricorn 2022 Tarot Spread:

Now that we are aware of the astrological aspects of this Full Moon in Capricorn, start shuffling your favorite tarot deck and ask the cards:

  1. In what areas of my life do I need to act with caution and responsibility?
  2. How can I best prepare for unpredicted events?
  3. What unnecessary burdens do I need to let go of?
  4. How do I best align what I believe to how I feel?
  5. How can I best motivate myself to achieve my goals?
  6. What are the roots of my current anxiety?
Full Moon in Capricorn 2022 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

Full Moon in Capricorn 2022 Tarot Spread

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Just did this tarot spread and wanted to say that I am a capricorn sun, virgo moon, and pisces rising as well! Seems cosmic!!!!!

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