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Capricorn Season Tarot Spread

Welcome to the Capricorn Season! From December 22nd and January 19th, the Sun will be under the influence of Capricorn. And we, from Apollo Tarot, have the perfect tarot spread for you to make the most of this exciting season.

But first, let's learn a few things about the tenth sign of the Zodiac.

Capricorn Season 2021 / 2022 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

What to expect from this Capricorn Season?

During Capricorn Season, the world fills with the energy of discipline, resourcefulness, and the practical ambition typical of this sign.

Yet, this energy is not about dreams or curiosity but about manifesting things in the physical world. Focusing on grounding and reliability can leave very little room for questioning or imagination.

Still, focusing excessively on your work and your accomplishments can limit your relishing of the true essence of Capricorn.

The essence here is about dedication, achievement, and mastery. However, it doesn't have to do with putting in useless extra hours at the office. But instead valuing what actually performs well and focusing your efforts there.

Therefore, the best way to honor Capricorn season is to get to work and make yourself helpful

To do this, break all your big goals down into small steps, and consider how much time you will need to complete them. Reverse engineer your dreams: start by imagining your final destination and go the other way. How many days, weeks, or months do you really need?

Moreover, Capricorn is a sign of mastery, so mentors and experts feel great during their season. This is an excellent time to seek advice from wise and experienced people. Just be careful not to elevate them to superhuman status.

So, for the next four weeks, be careful not to fall under the spell of authority figures. Just because someone holds a leadership role doesn't mean you should hand over all your power to them.

This Capricorn season, be your own mentor!

Six Cards - Capricorn Season Tarot Spread:

Now, to make the most of this Capricorn Season, start shuffling your favorite tarot deck, and ask the cards:

Capricorn Season 2021 / 2022 Tarot Spread | Apollo Tarot Blog

Capricorn Season 2021 / 2022 Tarot Spread

  1. What areas of my life could benefit from more discipline?
  2. What should I focus on manifesting during Capricorn Season?
  3. How can I work smarter, not harder?
  4. What's the best way I can be helpful?
  5. What can I learn from my ancestors or people more experienced than me?
  6. How can I best be my own mentor?

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hank you for sharing this insightful Capricorn Season Tarot Spread. It offers a practical and meaningful approach to harnessing the energy of discipline and achievement during this season. The questions provided guide us to reflect on areas of our lives that could benefit from more discipline, what to focus on manifesting, how to work smarter, ways to be helpful, learning from ancestors or experienced individuals, and being our own mentor. This spread encourages personal growth, self-reflection, and utilizing the wisdom of those who came before us. Embracing the essence of Capricorn, we can make the most of this season and create meaningful progress in our lives.


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