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What Is The Sigil Of The 7 Archangels?

The Sigil of the Seven Archangels, also known as the Seven Planetary Angels or the Planetary Seals, is a powerful symbol used in various spiritual and esoteric traditions. It's associated with invoking the energies and protection of the seven archangels corresponding to the seven classical planets in astrology.

The Sigil (Seal) Of The Seven Archangels | Apollo Tarot Blog

Each of the seven archangels is linked to a specific planet, and they are often considered intermediaries between the divine realm and humanity. The Sigil of the Seven Archangels is used for various purposes, including invoking their guidance, protection, and blessings.

Here is a breakdown of the seven archangels, their corresponding planets, and the qualities they are often associated with:

  1. Archangel Michael (Sun):

    • Planet: Sun
    • Qualities: Strength, courage, protection, spiritual guidance
  2. Archangel Gabriel (Moon):

    • Planet: Moon
    • Qualities: Intuition, emotions, communication, creativity
  3. Archangel Raphael (Mercury):

    • Planet: Mercury
    • Qualities: Healing, communication, intellect, travel
  4. Archangel Uriel (Venus):

    • Planet: Venus
    • Qualities: Love, harmony, creativity, abundance
  5. Archangel Sachiel (Jupiter):

    • Planet: Jupiter
    • Qualities: Wisdom, expansion, blessings, abundance
  6. Archangel Anael (Mars):

    • Planet: Mars
    • Qualities: Courage, strength, protection, passion
  7. Archangel Cassiel (Saturn):

    • Planet: Saturn
    • Qualities: Discipline, patience, transformation, karma

The Sigil of the Seven Archangels typically includes the symbols of these seven archangels arranged in a circular or hexagonal pattern, with each archangel's name and corresponding planet's symbol. This sigil is often used in rituals, invocations, and meditation practices to connect with the archangels and the energies they represent.

If you're interested in utilizing the Sigil of the Seven Archangels, it's recommended to do so with respect and a genuine intention for positive transformation, guidance, and spiritual growth. As with any spiritual practice, it's important to approach it with reverence and mindfulness.

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Tim calendar_today

Hi, thanks for this page. I was recently given a ring with this exact design on it. It is stainless steel I think. Rather heavy.
I like the idea of the Archangels providing protection and aiding spiritual growth.
Is this design yours or is it from an older origin?

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