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How to use an Astrology Dice (Astrodice)

Astrology Dice is a little-known divination tool. Similar to other dice divination methods, but with a twist!

It consists of a set of 3 dice with 12 sides. Each die is based on one of the three principles of astrology. Each of these die encompasses different symbols and meanings to be interpreted once cast together:

  • Houses: Represents the area of life that will be affected or of concern;
  • Signs: Represents the emotions involved in this situation;
  • Planets: Represents the actions, circumstances, or influences that affect the overall situation at hand.

Sometimes, though, you may need to associate a die with a different role. So, be playful when considering the meanings of the dice.

How to use an Astrology Dice (Astrodice) | Apollo Tarot Blog

The Hermit (apparently) minding his business after consulting with the Astrology Dice.

Astrology Dice is an intuitive tool. Hence, listen to your inner guide and trust it to tell you what you need to know.

What to ask an Astrology Dice (Astrodice)?

It's essential to notice that the querent needs to ask open-ended questions, similar to how we consult the Tarot. 

Yes/No questions are not ideal for this divination method because the message is meant to be read as a story. If you'd like to ask Yes/No questions, we suggest our Ouija Coin, which you can find here at Apollo Tarot.

Ouija Coin | How to use an Astrology Dice (Astrodice) | Apollo Tarot Blog

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Therefore, think of the result of the astrology dice as "sentence formation."

If you are already well-versed in natal chart reading, this will be pretty easy for you. Otherwise, Astrology Dice can help beginner astrologers practice interpreting placements.

Examples of how to use an Astrology Dice (Astrodice):

Let's hypothesize that you're thinking about a family member's turbulent relationship with a spouse.

Astrology Dice Example 1: What should I know about my family member's relationship?

After you roll the Astrodice, you see Jupiter (Blue Die) in the 10th House (Purple Die) in Scorpio (Green Die). 

Since Jupiter symbolizes optimism, abundance, luck, spiritual growth, and sympathy, the first die seems like an excellent start to a difficult situation. 

The second die, the 10th House, represents personal wealth, glory, and improving your reputation.

How to use an Astrology Dice (Astrodice) | Apollo Tarot Blog

The Astrology Dice is an excellent complement to Tarot readings.

The third die, Scorpio, displays power-grabbing, firm ideals, secret emotions, and transformative abilities.

You can interpret the three dice as an optimistic prediction of a possible future. It may mean that the troubled spouse is happy about mending their relationships. 

They're willing to change to improve their reputation and transform into an honorable person. 

Astrology Dice Example 2: What can I expect from my future spouse?

Suppose you are asking questions about people, such as a description of your future spouse. In that case, you should be interpreting the result as if it's a natal chart placement. Here is an example:

5th House (5), Leo, Neptune: The future spouse is popular or potentially famous. There's a possibility that they are known for their artistic pursuits or idealistic and dreamy personality. They may be a natural with children, but perhaps a bit child-like themselves. Potential negative traits they'd have would be immaturity or egotism.

Astrology Dice Example 3: What is in store for me in the next week?

You can also interpret the dice one by one if that's easier for you. Here is another example: 

  • 10H - Your work and public reputation will be in focus in the next week.
  • Aries - This is potentially a new job or career that will evoke a sense of drive, passion, or even chaos. If this is referring to a person, it may be your boss. Otherwise, you will be stepping into a more demanding role.
  • Jupiter - Blessings or expansion are involved. Considering how Aries showed up in this reading, you may be receiving a promotion as it represents newness.

Do you find the Astrology Dice complicated? We've got you!

To make life easier, we prepared an extensive list of keywords for each astrological symbol. This way, you can easily string together a message from your reading!

How to use an Astrology Dice (Astrodice) | Apollo Tarot Blog

Astrology Dice is a handy divination tool.

Astrology Dice: The 12 Planets Of The Zodiac

The planets are depicted on the sides of their die by their astrological symbols.

Each planet has different meanings, which defines what they imply when they come up in a reading.

The meaning of the planets:

  • ☉ Sun - Self, ego, consciousness, stamina, vitality, creation, confidence, pride, identity, individuality, brightness, self-reliance, warmth, celebration, leadership, father, masculine figures, authority, governs the heart, marrow, spinal cord, and solar plexus;
  • ☾ Moon - Unconsciousness, personal needs, emotions, receptiveness, reflection, instincts, moods, habits, inner child and inner mother, security, feminine figures, nurturing, nourishment, cooking or baking, intuition, home, privacy, governs the stomach, breasts, uterus, and ovaries;
  • ☿ Mercury - Communication, writing, intelligence, language, reason, learning, sensory information, thought processes, liveliness, childhood or school friends, students, youth, duality, governs the abdomen, small intestines, nervous system, shoulders, hands, arms, lungs, and pancreas;
  • ♀ Venus - Love, attraction, relationships, art, sociability, harmony, pleasure, finances, charm, gifts, luxury, attractiveness, sensuality, comfort, compromising, peace, balance, femininity, grace, governs the kidneys, bladder, lymphatic system, neck, throat, and cervical vertebra;
  • ♂ Mars - Aggression, action, competition, passion, courage, sex, desire, survival instincts, self-assertion, the body, impulsivity, rashness, force, direction, leadership, command, authority, governs the head, face, brain, muscular system, and blood;
  • ♃ Jupiter - Growth, abundance, optimism, understanding, luck, expansion, finances, happiness, travel, foreign affairs, gratitude, honor, law, morality, humor, goodwill, generosity, abstract thought, governs the butt, thighs, hips, liver, and neuromuscular system;
  • ♄ Saturn - Structure, restriction, discipline, karma, obligation, foundations, ambition, responsibility, obstacles, authority, masculine figures, dominance, burdens, blockages, conventionality, tradition, governs the skeletal system, knees, joints, teeth, ligaments, and nails;
  • ♅ Uranus - Eccentricity, unpredictability, rebellion, reformation, innovation, change, openness, sudden progression, technology, society, astrology, originality, ingenuity, freedom, friendships, adoption, humanity, governs the ankles, calves, circulatory and electrical systems of the body;
  • ♆ Neptune - Intuition, mysticism, dreams, delusion, imagination, confusion, psychic receptivity, inspiration, deceit, guilt, addictions, vulnerability, music, memories, photography, spirituality, idealism, governs the feet, toes, body fluids, pineal gland, and overall immune system;
  • ♇ Pluto - Power, transformation, rebirth, death, evolution, intensity, sex, subconsciousness, the occult, desire, obsessions, control, destruction, upheaval, deep emotions, receptivity, fears, unearthing, governs the large intestines, bladder, sweat glands, reproductive systems, and genitals;
  • ☊ North Node - The ultimate present life lessons that are meant to be learned, your soul purpose, fate, and karmic path towards fulfillment;
  • ☋ South Node - The life path you followed until now, past life baggage, karmic lessons, familiarity, self-introspection, gifts or qualities you have already mastered, and fears to overcome.

Astrology Dice: The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac

Each zodiac sign corresponds to different traits, talents, and personalities. Those traits will define how you read the various zodiac signs.

The meaning of the astrological signs:

  • ♈︎ Aries - Direct, brave, fearless, leadership, authoritative, independent, impulsive, competitive, aggressive, active, self-centered, passionate, sports, war, fighting, boss or CEO, masculinity, male figures, self-starter, impatience;
  • ♉︎ Taurus - Persistence, steadiness, trustworthiness, patience, endurance, tenacity, drive, reliability, security, stability, slow, stubbornness, materiality, resistance to change, indulgent, possessive, arts, beauty, luxury, grudges, fashionable, chic;
  • ♊︎ Gemini - Adaptability, intelligence, agility, communication, social networks, inconsistency, gossip, cunningness, superficiality, duality, mischievousness, curiosity, close friendships, twins, siblings;
  • ♋︎ Cancer - Loyalty, nurturing, emotions, support, compassion, unconditional love, dependence, passive-aggressiveness, moodiness, healing, femininity, feminine figures, mothers, ancestry, home, comfort, safety, soft, sensitive;
  • ♌︎ Leo - Playful, leadership, inner child, brave, protective, generous, charismatic, confident, pride, the center of attention, selfish, dominating, vain, egotistical, fame, popularity, artistic, warm, outgoing, happiness, glamour, fun, entertainment, performative, royalty;
  • ♍︎ Virgo - Humble, modest, generous, logical, detail-oriented, responsible, organized, critical, obsessive, perfectionistic, clean, solitude, rationality, curious, communicative, writing, routines, service, environmentally conscious, helpful;
  • ♎︎ Libra - Charming, peaceful, diplomatic, easy-going, harmonious, relationship-oriented, artistic, intelligent, beautiful, friendly, indecisive, superficial, gullible, justice, passive-aggressive, thoughtful, debates, law and order, open enemies;
  • ♏︎ Scorpio - Passionate, driven, secretive, wise, determined, powerful, transformative, controlling, bold, intense, paranoid, jealous, clingy, destructive, sexy, vindictive, keen, intimidating, truthful, hidden emotions, endings, and beginnings, restructuring, separation;
  • ♐︎ Sagittarius - Adventure, optimism, excess, expansion, truth-seeking, ambitious, lucky, moral, open-minded, enthusiastic, versatile, intelligence, laziness, restless, greedy, wealthy, disrespectful, a philosopher, wanderer, student, scholar, hastiness, energetic;
  • ♑︎ Capricorn - Strategic, determined, hard-working, disciplined, responsible, persistent, patient, masters, intelligent, ambitious, stability, security, burdened, pessimistic, self-limiting, ruthless, rigid, cynical, fearful, authoritative, masculine figures, business, barriers, control;
  • ♒︎ Aquarius - Progressive, innovative, futuristic, intelligent, altruistic, friendly, reformative, emotionally detached, scattered, impersonal, quirky, unorthodox, humanitarian, friendships, future-oriented, technology, inventions, science, logicality, social media, ambitious;
  • ♓︎ Pisces - Dreamy, mystical, intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, sensitive, escapist, addictions, creativity, romance, music, romantic, self-pitying, fantasies, psychic, introspective, charitable, artistic, old souls, sickness, self-undoing, self-sacrificing, savior.

Astrology Dice: The 12 Houses Of The Zodiac

The 12 houses of Astrology are represented in this die by the numbers 1 through 12.

Each one of them is associated with different aspects of life, like the self and society.

The meaning of the houses:

  • 1️⃣ 1st House -  Self, personal life, appearance, independence, individuality, new beginnings, the body, first impressions, attitude, identity, approach to life, and how you view the world;
  • 2️⃣ 2nd House -Finances or income, business transactions, your possessions, self-esteem, material desires, work ethic, values, daily routines, comfort, self-care, priorities;
  • 3️⃣ 3rd House - Siblings, peers, short-distance travel, school or early education, the mind and thinking, communication, social activities, media, neighbors;
  • 4️⃣ 4th House - Parents or guardians, roots, family, domestic matters, real estate, inheritance, emotions, foundations, mother, children, women, femininity;
  • 5️⃣ 5th House - Fertility, pregnancy or children, creativity, hobbies and interests, romance, dating, spirit, joy, drama, self-expression, gambling;
  • 6️⃣ 6th House - Health and wellness, fitness, hygiene, daily routines, injuries, pets or small animals, co-workers, work habits, organization, service to others;
  • 7️⃣ 7th House - Close and personal partnerships; romantic relationships, business contracts, marriage, divorce lawsuits, rivalries, equality, interpersonal style, shadow self, justice;
  • 8️⃣ 8th House - Death and transformations, rebirth, occult, taboos, secrets, taxes, debts, mortgages and loans, legacies, inheritance, investigations, corporate money, dangers, assets, property, joint ventures, sex, intimacy, mystery;
  • 9️⃣ 9th House - Long-distance journeys, travel, religion, philosophy, higher education, lawyers, dreams, divination, wisdom, the arts, media, publishing, ethics, learning, cultures;
  • 🔟 10th House - Career, success, fortune, public reputation, long-term goals, structure, status, masculinity, authority, men, father figures, fame, expertise;
  • 1️⃣1️⃣ 11th House - Groups, friends, collectives, social awareness, humanitarianism, technology, social media, hopes and wishes, the future, society, protection, gifts, praise, recognition, followers;
  • 1️⃣2️⃣ 12th House -  Imprisonment, loss, grief, hidden enemies, solitude, fear, secrets, subconscious thoughts, addictions, healing, spirituality, karma, old age, past lives, dreams, institutions such as hospitals, clinics, etc.

Good luck in your Astrology Dice journey!

As you can see, the dice spread can be interpreted in numerous ways by readers and professionals. Still, it's crucial to find a spiritual pathway when using the dice. By practicing on yourself and your friends, you'll become more confident in using astrology dice and performing helpful readings!

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