Empaths and their Pets 🐶

Empaths and their Pets 🐶

🐶 It's a well-known fact that empaths connect easily with animals 🐈, and animals heal empaths. That's why most empaths prefer the company of their pets over humans 🙅🏻‍♀️.

Empaths can have their energy drown 😞 by constant interaction with people and rely on their canines and felines to heal. But what if an empath is over-demanding on the healing of their fluffy 🐩 best friends?

An empath lady heals herself and her dog pet at nature.

An empath and her emPet.

Yes, it can happen. Animals can feel drown too. And dog depression is not uncommon. If an empath comes home negatively charged 👎🏾, the animal might pick up on the feeling and absorb it, sometimes mirroring their owners 😿.

The problem worsens if the owner notices their pet is moping and tries to cheer him up with treats or attention. Why on earth would that be bad? Because you would be rewarding the animal's depressing behavior creating a loop of suffering 😵!

OMG, then what should I do 🙀?

Try to break the circle by doing more of what he likes. For example, perhaps your dog loves to wander leash-free on the beach. Or maybe your kitty enjoys interacting with a particular fellow cat. And if they show signs of happiness 😸, that's when you should reward them with treats 🥩 and attention.

To put in a few words: EmPets heal empaths, but empaths need to heal their emPets too 😹.

Please, comment 🗣 if you have something to add. Also, share if you know some emPet owners who should read this 😄.

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