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Smoking is Bad Vibing 🚭

Everyone knows smoking is bad for physical health🚬. But did you know it also affects the astral body?

Yes! That’s because breathing is a key regulator of prana (life energy) that runs through our physical body and connects it to the astral body. So even though cigarettes cause momentaneous relaxation, in the long run, it damages breathing capacity causing many illnesses to the soul, especially anxiety.

There are pranayamas (breathing exercises) 🧘‍♀️ that can help to quit smoking. The 4:7:8 breathing technique is very simple and effective. It involves breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds. So, no ”bitch don’t kill my vibe” excuses. Smoking is the killer of all vibes 😂.

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