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RX Planets 2022

✨☿R✨ Freaking out about Mercury Retrograde? Just don't!

✨♀︎R✨ Venus is also retrograde, and basically, the most important planets 🪐 will be retrograde at some point during this year.

😅 Ok, I know this didn't sound recomforting at all, but retrogrades are an excellent time to make adjustments in our lives. And not a reason to freak out.

🌊🛶 To help you smoothly navigate the waters of 2022, we prepared this calendar with all the critical dates concerning planets retrograde for this year.

🗓 Save this post now. And let's get through 2022. I know we can, 😂!


RX Planets 2022 Calendar | Mercury Retrograde | Apollo Tarot Blog

Mercury Retrograde (2022):

  • Jan/13 - Feb/03
  • May/09 - Jun/02
  • Seo/09 - Oct/02
Mercury Retrograde is the best time to review your projects, reflect on what is working and not, and restart projects when needed.


RX Planets 2022 Calendar | Venus Retrograde | Apollo Tarot Blog

Venus Retrograde:

  • Dec/18/2021 - Jan/28/2022
Venus Retrograde is the best period for adjustment in relationships and finances.


RX Planets 2022 | Mars Retrograde | Apollo Tarot Blog

Mars Retrograde:

  • Oct/30/2022 - Jan/12/2023
Mars Retrograde is the best time to review attitudes and resume activities.


RX Planets 2022 Calendar | Jupiter Retrograde | Apollo Tarot Blog

Jupiter Retrograde:

  • Jul/28/2022 - Nov/23/2022
Jupiter Retrograde is the Best period for reviewing values, individual beliefs, and worth in our lives.


RX Planets 2022 Calendar | Saturn Retrograde | Apollo Tarot Blog

Saturn Retrograde:

  • Jun/04/2022 - Oct/22/2022
Saturn Retrograde is the best time to review our support systems and collective projects.
RX Planets 2022 Calendar | Uranus Retrograde | Apollo Tarot Blog

Uranus Retrograde

  • Aug/24/2022 - Jan/22/2023
Uranus retrograde is the best period to rethink the changes that are underway.


RX Planets 2022 Calendar | Neptune Retrograde | Apollo Tarot Blog

Neptune Retrograde:

  • Jun/27/2022 - Dec/03/2023
Neptune Retrograde is the best time to review beliefs and spiritual matters.


RX Planets 2022 Calendar | Pluto Retrograde | Apollo Tarot Blog

Pluto Retrograde:

  • Apr/29/22 - Oct/08/2022
Pluto retrograde is the best time to review what you are transmuting.

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