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Apollo Tarot Guest Writer Program

Are you a tarot reader, who'd love some space to share your work, and your views about this enlightening practice? Join the Apollo Tarot Guest Writer Program today!

Applications for the Apollo Tarot Guest Writer Program are open.


Every month one tarot reader is selected to showcase their work on the Apollo Tarot Insights Blog. Choose any topic you like to write a blog post. It can be anything! Personal subjects like how tarot has changed your life, to general questions like card meanings or different spreads to use.

Grab this unique opportunity to share your wisdom with the world, and expand your public.


👆 First: Sign up for Story Chief (free plan available) by clicking on the image below. You'll be redirected to Story Chief homepage where you can start your sign up process.

Step one: Click on the image to start Story Chief Sign Up process.


✌️Second: Send us an email with "Apollo Tarot Guest Writer Program" on the subject to On the email, inform us of your Story Chief profile (the email address you used to sign up for Story Chief). 

🤟Third: Follow the instructions we'll send to you.

Here is how collaborating as a guest writer through Story Chief works: 

5: Story Chief Editor Onboarding: Collaboration Features from StoryChief on Vimeo.

Join now. We are looking forward to seeing you featured on the Apollo Tarot Guest Writer Program!

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