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How does tarot work?

Most people think you must be a psychic to read the tarot. But in reality, what is necessary is a fine attunement to intuition. When we drop a sequence of random cards, we practice imagination to link the question to the symbology in the cards. This link is where the magic happens.

When you use imagination to connect the energy of the seeker, the question, and the cards, anything can happen, and in this brief moment of clarity, the answer you are looking for comes like a spark.

Where this insight comes from? It's said that imagination is what makes us human, and therefore different from any animal on earth. Human beings are half angels because we share the divine ability of co-creating our reality with God through the use of imagination.

But how do you know your personal goals are aligned with what the universe has planned? By intuition. Some people have it as a strong component of their personality, but some people don't. And if you're one of the lucky ones, it's a must that you use your gift to help others find their path. And tarot is the perfect tool for that.


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