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Ask and you shall receive? 🤲🏻

As humans, we're gifted with a mind that can solve problems and imagine things. So it's important to stimulate it with learning and studying. In other words, gather information from the outside world is essential. But just as much as to decide what to do with all that knowledge. Hence, it's equally necessary to listen to our inner-self, the quiet voice inside us, and our divine source of creativity.

Yet, the mind can't do both at the same time. And frequently, one keeps thinking about a problem in a loop instead of doing just the opposite by silencing the thoughts so a solution can emerge naturally from the Soul.

That's why meditation is so important. When we learn to meditate, we learn to observe our thoughts and skillfully step out of them when they are of no use anymore. By acknowledging thoughts and letting them go, we move about our day feeling lighter. And when we least expect, during showering or washing the dishes, a brilliant solution pops out of nowhere. Or I should say out of your silent inner-guide.

Ask and you shall receive. But for that don't lose contact with the Source.



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