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4 Powerful Mindsets to Overcome Jealousy

Do you secretly feel upset when a colleague gets a promotion or a friend fall in love?

Though not associated with any specific tarot card, jealousy is a common element in many readings. Envy can be expressed in the reversed position of the Moon card, or perhaps in different card combos, depending on the context. 

A consuming feeling, jealousy can be a driver of havoc in any relationship. That's because the ego, in its endless fear of scarcity, tends to see other people's pleasure as a threat, as if happiness was a finite resource. 

But we sure can control our minds to evolve past unhealthy feelings, and towards a mindset of abundance.

Here are a few things to bear in mind next time the green-eyed monster is about to take control:

  1. Comparison deprives you of your uniqueness. When you want to be like someone, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to be your best self and to thrive under your own circumstances.
  2. Fairness can be a fallacy. It sure feels unfair that someone has achieved something, while we have been working harder. But other's effort is difficult to measure. Moreover, happiness is not necessarily a reward for an effort.
  3. Happiness is unlimited and it doesn't depend on others. Contentment can be found within, in a more enduring way, through meditation or other spiritual practices.
  4. What good is it if someone is unhappy? Happiness can and should be shared. The more fortunate people in the world the more you can jump in all that joy.

Keeping this mindset will prevent jealousy to take space in the mind. Making it easier to control its weight on actions that could generate bad karma.

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